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What is the Your Phone app? And what does it offer?

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Your phone is a Microsoft application as part of its project to provide its services to Android and iOS users.

The application aims to allow users to connect their smartphones to their Windows 10 devices without the need for third-party middleware or manufacturers' programs and to rely only on online communication.

The app allows users to view and delete notifications from the phone, view and reply to text messages, view photos on the phone, and copy them to Windows 10 devices (the reverse process does is not available), because the phone displays all notifications and incoming messages on the phone in Windows 10 notifications and allows you to respond directly via notifications.

It is expected that the application will support sending and receiving calls by the current year.

The most important feature that should be supported by the app after providing the current trial version is the screen sharing or Screen Mirroring feature for Android phones where users of the app will be able to run the screen their phones on their operating systems in Windows 10 as well as launch Android apps directly.

So far, the devices that support screen sharing in the beta version of the app are the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10 and OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T phones. Samsung also announced at its conference to announce the Galaxy Note 10 phones that the new phones in the series will support special screen sharing at launch, but the functionality is not yet available in the final version of the application.

How can you run the Your Phone app?

All you need to run the application Your phone is a smartphone, a Windows 10 device and a Microsoft account (Hotmail, Outlook, ...).

  • Head to Windows 10 settings from the notifications menu or the Start menu.

  • When you open the settings, select Accounts, then choose an Email and application account.

  • You will be able to add a new account (select it if you have not linked your device to Microsoft Mail).

  • Log in with your Microsoft email data, but be careful, before finishing the connection, the system will offer to use this account to lock the device. Choose Microsoft Apps only to avoid the previous step.

  • Once connected, access the Microsoft Windows Store installed by default on your device.

  • In the search bar, find your phone, then when you find the app, download it. You can download it directly from the following link to the store: Your phone for Windows 10

  • After completing these steps, access your smartphone. (We will complete the steps on an Android phone)

  • Search for the application on the Google Play Store or download it directly from the store via the following link: Your phone for Android

  • When the application opens, you will be prompted to log into your Microsoft account. Sign in with the same computer you used on Windows 10.

  • After that, the app will be asked to access notifications, messages, and calls as well as the permission to continue running without shutting it down due to the phone's power settings. To run the application, it will require the approval of all authorization permissions.

  • After performing the previous steps, open the app on your computer and wait for a notification send message to appear before sending you a notification on your phone about the start of the connection between the two devices, which must definitely be approved when it reaches your phone.

  • Now that you have completed the previous steps, you are ready to use your phone.

Does your phone offer a satisfactory experience to replace your smartphone when you use your PC?

At first glance, you can see that the app does not provide enough tools for this tweet, but for a general review of the experience of using the phone while using your personal computer, you will find that the problem is completely centered on the display of notifications and the response to them, which is largely supported by the application.

Certainly, the application features we mentioned are not enough, for your phone to be the first choice for users, it will certainly provide the functionality of the current trial version, such as screen sharing of the phone and the execution of Android applications, to complete his experience in an opinion with the possibility of receiving and sending calls.

Have you ever used your Phone app? What do you think of his experience?

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