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The best Linux distributions for Gaming

Usually, the name of the Windows operating system is associated with the games and we often find that the game manufacturers offer a lot more games compatible with Windows with other systems and that we can also see games on the operating system Mac, but it is rare to find games that run on Linux, famous for its work with servers and office distributions. It does not meet the needs of players

I would like to tell you that this introduction is not realistic, or maybe that is what we are used to because the reality has become completely different, Linux has progressed a lot in the last decade and has become favorable to running many games on its distributions, so in this article, we will discuss the best Linux distributions that support games

Game Drift Linux

It was first published in 2011 when the first application store was created containing over 1,200 Windows games.

The game store contains open source titles and commercial titles. Users can download and install popular games like Savage 2, Second Life and Amnesia, as well as older games like AssaultCube and Frets on Fire.

This distribution works on most computers where it needs resources1-2 GHz processor, 1-2 GB of system memory, 4 GB of disk space and an AMD, Nvidia or Intel graphics solution suitable for games.


It is a light version of Linux if it does not contain a desktop-like the rest of Linux distributions and it contains a lot of emulators and it can also be started as an image via USB and configured on a computer.

For copyright reasons, the OS ships without any games preinstalled. You'll need to obtain legal copies of either ISO images of game CDs you own or precompiled ROM files of arcade games. Check out the Internet Archive which contains some public domain ROMS.

Sparky Linux

It is a distribution based on the well known Debian system. The latest version of SparkyLinux 5.5 GameOver is built on the test version of Debian Buster. It includes new features such as the cool Lutris game platform and a dedicated web browser installer for you to play online games. Distribution is distributed at a speed of 3.57 GB.

Besides Lutris, GameOver Edition also includes a number of tools like Aptus Gamer which can download a variety of game emulators so that you can re-activate old console favorites, although you may need to download them elsewhere.

Ubuntu GamePack

In addition to special codecs and drivers, distro provides two different systems for you to enjoy games on Linux - Steam and the Lutris gaming platform. With these, you can access and install hundreds of games on Ubuntu.

This distribution provides access to thousands of games and applications for Windows and DOS. The DOSBox and DosEmu emulators are preinstalled, as in the fully equipped Crossover emulator.


The Linux distribution is closest to an actual game console. Technically, you can install additional software with Debian Jessie repositories, but the main focus of this OS is on games.

This distribution can only be used for 64-bit devices and works best with a minimum RAM of 4 GB. It also needs approximately 200 GB of free space on your hard disk and for Nvidia, AMD (Radeon 8500 and versions or Intel GPU. If you are close at hand with computers, consider creating your own Steam.

SteamOS can only be used for Steam games. However, the unique home streaming feature allows you to connect the SteamOS device to another computer on the network, allowing you to stream a game to that computer.

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