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Samsung offers at-home Galaxy S20 trials to mitigate impact of corona virus

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

With the spread of the virus that threatens the world and the negative consequences of which are also beginning to manifest themselves economically, a new initiative has appeared in South Korea by Asian companies with low sales to provide delivery service for the customer's product as desired without having to go to the store.

Samsung has started implementing this project where its customers can order smartphones and will arrive at their homes to test and try them for a 24 hour period without the customer going to a store to reduce cases of infection that spread significantly within the country

Reuters source said the delivery process has started to apply to Galaxy S20 devices, but the new initiative has been applied in parts of South Korea to prevent further Corona infections

In addition, Samsung implored that the customer had a service asking an engineer to follow the problems of his devices, in particular, foldable by visiting the engineer at home and dealing with the customer within the limits of his home without need to go to the store where the technical engineer would solve the problems of broken screens and the quality of calls, but Samsung has not said about This new plan is part of a campaign against spread of Corona or is an attempt to follow up on its new hardware issues and reassure potential customers

We can say that the home customer visit process is not new, as these services were launched in 2015, where Direct 2 visited home customers to try to buy old phones, but this service launched by Samsung is now a partial solution to the possibility of new infections due to the virus, which is It is possible to claim more lives and a means that could mitigate the loss that occurred in the first quarter of this world after Apple announced production crisis linked to its phones after the spread of Corona in China, which is the world's largest market for smartphones

We just have to wait for the next few days and what most companies will provide to reduce the occurrence of new infections and we can end the article with the phrase dirham prevention is better than a pound of cure

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