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Resolve an issue where ads appear on the WIX blog

Many people have started blogging on, but many have encountered problems adding the ad script, especially Google Adsense ads, so please read the article to benefit from it and learn more about the solution.

Initially, there are thousands of people who have created blogs on Wix in order to gain acceptance of Adsense and after creating the site and accepting acceptance, managers begin to quickly create blocks of ads on Google Adsense and add them to the site, but the shock when adding the code for the unit and the emergence of a white screen and a problem appearing especially after Updating the Wix blog

First, to review the steps together, we got the ad unit code and added it as shown in the picture :

But the result is a blank screen without advertising, faced with a long problem and many attempts

But the solution is very simple and to be honest with you, I found the solution after doing research for long hours, so I will save some effort and time on you to do this simple step to fix the problem.

The secret to adding a single line (data-page-url = https: // which will make everything appear as if there were no problem

So where will I add this line? Suppose the ad code is as below :

We will add the line there as in the image and in the form shown and save the code, immediately after we will notice the solution of the problem and the appearance of the advertisement

So, you may have studied this problem a lot, but I have tried to give you the solution to help you and save effort on you, I hope I have shortened the time for you to achieve what you want because I wrote the article after facing great suffering with this problem

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