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Quarantine pushed Call of Duty Warzone to set record number of players

Updated: May 27, 2020

It seems that the electronic games industry has been one of the beneficiaries of the effects of the spread of the Corona virus epidemic on the planet. The spread of isolation and health bans, as well as the tendency of people to stay at home for several days, has pushed many people towards the tendency to play electronic games to kill time and get bored.

A few weeks ago, Activision launched its famous online game Call of Duty Warzone, which belongs to the category of Battle Royale games, joining the big competition in this field with other games like PUBG and Fortunate, but Call of Duty Warzone took advantage of the Health blackout period to reach records in terms of number of players.

Where the activation company, the developer of the game Call of Duty Warzone, indicated that it had managed very quickly after its launch to exceed the symbolic threshold of 50 million active players in this game, which should increase in the coming days with the extension of the quarantine period in many countries of the world. The World Health Organization, which had classified gambling addiction as a mental illness, was reported to have supported a campaign for the senior gaming industry to invite people to stay at home during this sensitive time. and spend time playing.

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