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Qualcomm announced a new chip with faster performance and 5G support

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Several companies have competed to issue modem chips in the past year, particularly after the fifth generation entered the telecommunications world.

Qualcomm today unveiled the X60 5G modem chip which is the first 5G modem chip that combines Sub-6and mmWave, as the chip is smaller in size and supports lower power consumption.

The new X60 5G modem chip is smaller in size than previous X50 and X55 versions, and the chip also supports connection to 5G networks worldwide, thanks to the third generation of QTM535 mmWave antennas.

The X60 5G modem chip combines the Sub-6 and mmWave standards in FDD-TDD to support the best performance of the modem chip, as it can provide a download speed of up to 7.5 Gbps via mmWave, or download speed of 5 Gbps with Sub-6.

It is expected that the functionality of connecting to 5G networks globally in the X60 5G modem will allow phone manufacturers to launch more versions of 5G phones in global markets.

The X60 5G modem chip also has a manufacturing accuracy of 5 nanometers, a new upgrade of the X50 and X55 modem chips which was launched by Qualcomm with a manufacturing precision of 7 nanometers, and the new upgrade is expected allow better management and energy efficiency, because the modem occupies a smaller space.

It is reported that Qualcomm plans to launch an X60 5G modem chip for smartphone manufacturers during this quarter, while expectations indicate that the first versions that include the X60 5G chip will be unveiled within the next year.

Will this chip is used in 2020 for smartphones? Which companies will acquire this chip if it is launched soon, as issued after the sources? Or will the release of this chip be postponed by Qualcomm even if it is ready to be released due to the production faults currently occurring in smartphone companies?

But I think it's nice for the new generation to wear such a chip.

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