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PUBG Mobile: Top 3 features Of Jungle Adventure mode

PUBG Mobile time and then releases some great new modes and events in the game. This time a new mode called Jungle Adventure mode is released in the game. Though, the mode is only available in classic Sanhok map. This Jungle Adventure mode features some great dynamics that players will love to use. In this article, we have discussed the top 3 features Of Jungle Adventure mode.

Top 3 Features Of Jungle Adventure mode:

1. Hot Air Balloons:

The best feature of this new Jungle Adventure mode is the presence of Hot Air Balloons. These balloons are spawned at various places across the map. Players can enter the balloons and then control the balloon to fly up in the air. There is another option called Look Around. With this option, players can see the different statues on the map and gather all necessary resources for themselves.

2.Statue Powers:

In this new Jungle Adventure mode, another great feature is the addition of power statues. There are a total of three statues of different colors. All these statues contain different powers and give out different items when players pray in front of them.

Red Statue:

The red statue is the symbol of weapons in this mode. When a player prays in front of a red statue, he will get any random weapon for himself.

Green Statue:

The green statue is the symbol of utilities and equipment in this mode. On praying in front of a green statue, players will get utilities like grenades, Molotov cocktails, and equipment for weapons like grips, better magazines, and much more.

Yellow Statue:

The yellow statue in the game is the symbol of protection. This statue will give you helmets, vests, and all types of healing materials like health boosters and first aid kits.

3. Fruit Powers:

The third feature in the list of top 3 features of Jungle Adventure mode is fruit powers. You can store these fruits in your backpack. After that, these fruits will give different powers. But there is a catch while eating this jungle food, as either, they will give you a positive effect or negative effect. This jungle food can make you sick and you can lose some health. Otherwise, it will give you a health boost while eating this jungle food.

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