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Microsoft springs last-minute demand on buyers of Windows 7 after-expiration support

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Many information technicians have discovered after participating in Windows 7 support after ending support for this version that there is a new prerequisite that needs to be installed before downloading fixes knowing they already have it paid before.

Whereas, Microsoft has announced how to support the long-awaited versions of Windows 7. They told IT, managers, that they should install a prerequisite before getting this paid support.

Microsoft has released an extended security update license package "KB4538483" because this package can be downloaded from the Windows Update catalog and should also appear in WSUS "Windows Server Update services".

The patch management platform used by many business customers, but this patch will not be provided by Windows Update which is used by most very small businesses, We can describe the process of managing new requirements as tedious because we must first install the package for updates, reboot then find and install new updates and then reboot, and therefore not installing the required package means do not get other updated packages, Prior to this week, Microsoft had not announced the required update, but in February it clarified the instructions for obtaining the ESU.

Computer network consultant Susan Bradley said: This question has been devastating for small businesses because I have personally had to help several of my clients access their devices remotely and install this update because they do not know not how to buy keys and install this update because they did not go to the Microsoft catalog site.

So, has Microsoft dealt a small blow to small businesses by setting conditions for its updates or will it make this package available on Windows Update to fix the problem, so all we have to wait for...

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