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Microsoft: Free unified Office app is now open to all Android users

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Microsoft has announced that since this week, office applications will be offered free to Android users, which means that many things can be done via a mobile phone, but what is new to date?

The new one is the changing style introduced by Microsoft, where it has collected multiple apps in one package, which means that this package includes (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), which will be available on the Google Play Store.

In other words, thanks to this package, we have become performing several functions such as viewing and editing the text document in addition to using Excel with its mathematical tables, and it is also possible to work on presentations.

Not only that, but we can also use existing ready-made templates, you can also access Office files in our cloud or remotely access files saved on our work computer.

Are there more extras? Answer: yes

The application allows us to create PDF files with a series of images and we can also transfer our files from the phone to the computer and sign the PDF files with the finger and use the famous Sticky Note program and the latest scan of the QR

The app was launched by Microsoft for the first time on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 devices that use the standard package as a way to encourage people to download and upgrade it to get full, paid functionality

Microsoft has tested the new office suite for mobile devices since it was announced last November and is likely to come with Surface Duo phones that carry Microsoft screens.

The application, therefore, has great advantages and presented the first feature is the shortening of time and ease of use and other features have also been highlighted, but before that, the upgrade must be carried out for the get it

Now, this remains a unique issue, as I think the desktop package for mobile phones doesn't support tablets to date or Chromebook devices that are compatible with the Android system, unlike the individual apps that are currently in use.

I think there is an update package that will reach the app to fix the problem, all we have to wait for is a little

According to statistics, the application has reached 50,000 downloads to date, against a billion downloads for Microsoft Word, independent of the Google Play Store.

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