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  • Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is a group of cloud services provided by Google, which contains a separate set of cloud services for computing, cloud storage and application development, which also works on the Internet. the infrastructure provided by Google, as well as for users of this platform and beneficiaries of Google Cloud services. These are all those interested in the IT sector, from software developers to cloud computing supervisors, organizations, companies, and individuals.

  • Google Cloud Platform Services :

The Google Cloud platform provides services for IT, cloud storage, networking, data analysis, and machine learning, as well as providing tools to manage these cloud services. It provides infrastructure, platform, and serverless computing environments.

The most important cloud computing products of the Google Cloud platform:

  • Google Compute Engine

It is a component of infrastructure such as the service (IaaS), and it is based on the global infrastructure that runs on the management of the search engine Google, Gmail, YouTube, and many other services. It provides users with the ability to run virtual machines on demand. To support the workloads incurred.

  • Google App Engine

This is a basic system for working on the Web as a Service (PaaS), where it allows software developers to access web application hosting in data centers managed by Google, which can be developed by them. It also allows developers to use software development tools (SDKs) to allow them to develop software products that run on the application engine. The security system of an application is installed and executed on several servers. Among its most important features, it provides automatic measurement of web applications, and it is available free to some extent of the resources consumed, and later this level is imposed by charging fees on additional storage or bandwidth or the hours required by the application.

  • Google Cloud Storage service

It is a cloud storage platform designed to store large and unorganized groups of data and accessibility on the Google cloud platform, Google also provides a database storage service: Cloud SQL for databases structured data (MySQL) and unstructured databases Cloud Datastore (NoSQL), And Cloud Bigtable is the original from Google. This service is similar to the Amazon S3 storage service, but it seems more suited to organizations than others due to its different specifications. It combines high performance and the possibility of cloud storage with advanced security and data sharing capabilities.

  • Google Container Engine service

It is a Docker container management and coordination system, which operates within Google's public cloud platform. Docker is an open-source program for creating, deploying and managing containers of virtual applications on a shared operating system. Supplied with a tool system.

  • Cloud machine learning engine

This is a service provided by Google in the field of artificial intelligence, which is a managed service, and offers users the possibility to create and train machine learning models,

Price of services in the Google Cloud platform:

As in all offers made by companies in the field of cloud computing, they follow the same payment system, which is paid only when it is used, that is to say against the resources consumed in the cloud. Prices and payment terms also differ from service to service in the Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform services are constantly evolving based on user demands or competition in the cloud computing field. Among Google’s biggest competitors in this area are Amazon’s cloud services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

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