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Google pulls alleged UAE spying app ToTok from the Play Store, again

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

We have often heard about the Tictok or Faceapp problems and the controversy that has been created around them in terms of spying or access to personal data for users and today a new application is used in the controversy of the user in the United Arab Emirates, which is called Totok because the application has widely spread in the United Arab Emirates, especially that it is similar to similar Like WhatsApp, Messenger..etc, which helped distribute this application, it works to activate voice calls to the United Arab Emirates by prohibiting the rest of the applications.

Controversy arose after news spread that the application was designed to spy on its users and that it was developed by government agencies in the United Arab Emirates to violate users' privacy and access to their data for security reasons ... who called Google Play to ban this application from its store at the end of 2019 and was republished in early January after This application was updated but returned in mid-February

Google did not mention the reason for stopping the publication but made it clear that it had nothing to do with a request from a government agency, but all the news that got around was due only '' a violation of the privacy policy ...

So why is Google banning this app?

All we know now is that there is a secret behind the operation of the app in the UAE to ban similar apps and this is creating controversy over its existence right now, especially since the United Arab Emirates are on the brink of a tourist season in the presence of Expo 2020, which will encourage many visitors to the United Arab Emirates to use this application to communicate.

This form of application is due to the controversy surrounding the US government spying on user data illegally, so what is currently happening using an application that can be used by millions of people in the United Arab Emirates should be interpreted...

As this method of promoting specific apps by countries and banning similar apps will have a similar approach in other parts of the world and it may be the new means of privacy that is being developed. 'be tried to have a similar application in other regions of the world that will use similar means for security reasons.

I would like to mention at the end that there is news circulating that the Arab Emirates will reimplement the WhatsApp, which was previously banned, so the reason for Google's ban on Totok hides a great controversy.

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