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Don't wait ... it's time to change Windows 10

Windows 10 is no longer this stable and stable operating system, although it was introduced about five years ago,but so far we have not seen any stability with this system.

Until now, the control panel has not been integrated with the settings panel and the user interface in the work in progress, which is not yet finished, so we are far from the experiences with Windows 10, which do not seem clear so far, knowing that we are supposed to achieve a stable version of this System with a company like Microsoft

But this rule has become an unenforced slogan

Will we remain without stability with Windows?

Fortunately, there is a competitive world for the black box called Windows, known as Linux distributions, which have grown over the past decade and have multiple uses and have become available worldwide.

Who is Windows' competitor?

There is a Linux distribution Zorin OS, which is one of the best distributions, especially for people who are switching from Windows to Linux because it is characterized by its security and looks wonderful and attractive and is easy to use and familiar with its users as it provides many wonderful free programs so why are we hesitant to change?

Note that there is a new version of Zorin OS 15.2 available for everyone to download and there is no reason to try it anymore.

We will try to mention these statistical incentives this system gained 900,000 downloads in nine months and most of these were download come from users to Windows, which means that users liked the system became if all gained wide satisfaction from public

It should be noted that work has been developed on the latest applications, such as LibreOffice, which is the famous competitor of Microsoft Office, which has distinguished itself by wonderful and easy to use interfaces.

GNU image processing software was developed to keep working and creating without feeling the differ

There are many other medals that have been added, such as support for Russian processors and touchpads

Are you not convinced of the experience ... I think we should try this unique system which, if it has the greatest development, could be the future competitor of Windows 10

Download the distribution link from here

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