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Discover the best Linux distributions for this year

Linux operating systems have now become a fierce competitor to Windows systems, and it is possible that in the years to come, we will notice the superiority of Linux systems over Windows and this possibility is what makes it possible, that if we have an overview in the field of information, we find that the server systems are Linux systems also as a point which helps to achieve The possibility is that the Linux system is developed and modified globally by being open source, that is to say, that there are many hands that contribute to the development of a specific distribution, which makes the Linux distribution strong, unlike other systems, because it depends on my application only laboratory engineers of the company, and here Windows is limited only. Efficiently The members of their laboratories.

Linux distributions released this year are the best

Kali Linux

The Kali Linux distribution is a distribution that was designed and designed specifically for penetration testers, incorporating most of the tools and programs that greatly assist activists in this field, including information protection activists or network activists and others ... As for if we want To show you the types of tools that this distribution incorporates, so make sure that it will need a blog per se, but that will not prevent us from posting the ideas that some of the distribution tools have spawned. So we find among the tools included in the distribution, network scanning tools, encryption and decryption tools, activity tracking tools, capturing and reading network data and others.

But what made me put the Kali Linux distribution as the best distribution, is the notable progress that the distribution has known, especially with the recently launched version, which came as a correction of the errors and problems that the previous version was facing.


The StreamOS distribution is a Linux distribution based on Debian because it was designed and developed to run games for the well-known Steam platform, so if you want to try this system and install it, you will notice that it is missing a lot of software used by ordinary computer users like LibreOffice for text editing And other software because, in the first place, distribution came as mentioned previously only for playing games, that says that you will find in this system everything you need to play games.

And the developers of the SteamOS version have also realized the extent of the problems encountered by players when using the distribution and previous efforts of SteamOs, they have developed a version free of any errors related to the compatibility of the working game. in the system and within the limits of the stable distribution time, which indicates the effort provided by the developers.

Chromium OS

The ChromiumOS distribution is one of the creations of Google and it is the open-source distribution which has been designed as a special system to operate Chromebooks computers, where this distribution has distinct positive points which make it eligible for a use with medium and weak devices, also for applications, it is a distribution limited to applications provided by Google and Also web applications, that is to say for Internet users who do not find the need to install programs on their computer, the distribution will suit them enormously, apart from this remains a negative point that the distribution becomes less useful without connection to Internet because as we indicated it is limited to Google applications available on the Internet as well than on web applications.


For anyone looking for a special distribution to run Android away from emulators and the like, here we find a RemixOS distribution of powerful distributions that have undergone terrible changes and a powerful feature that makes the computer itself an Android device by everyone standards, and as I said, the latest version of the distribution came with several fixes to the previous distribution and this is reflected in the repair of software errors, especially those related to the execution of game engines, and also the cramps that occur when the computer is running or when opening the Android application and many other reforms that have made distribution the top of the list of stronger and better distributions.


If you have a Raspberry Pi chip and are looking for a better and more compatible system here, just try the Raspbian distribution.

It is a modified distribution by incorporating the LXDE graphical environment as a simple, compatible and less energy-efficient environment.

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