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Apple warns corona virus will hurt iPhone supplies

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Apple did this and was the first to say that the Coronavirus will affect its production capacity and reduce its revenues.

As Apple expected revenues in the first quarter of the world to reach 67 billion $, but the epidemic in China has significantly affected these expectations since most Apple stores located there have resorted to closing or at work for very few hours, which significantly affected its production capacity despite Apple confirmed that Apple's hardware manufacturing partners in China have resumed operations and that these facilities have been reopened, but the movement is very slow and not up to expectations

Even open stores and work partners see low customer engagement

So the smartphone giant recognized that there was a real problem, which was negatively affecting the economics of this business, therefore the opportunity could now be for the biggest competitor Samsung to win around. in exchange for his opponent that he has overproduced productivity or is he also suffering from this crisis but has not declared our time because China is an important part of the smartphone market, especially since it is the largest market in the world

Perhaps the days ahead and these effects will delay the release of new phones from manufacturers in general because the needs of the market will not be the same as in the past as one of the largest markets is in a state of stagnation or that Apple and others will be stronger because the most affected by this virus is the economic competitor that has emerged in the past five years Huawei

We can say that the Coronavirus is no longer just a danger to humans, but it has become a major economic risk in the light of the inability of scientists to find a solution, which means that the negative aspects will appear more day after day and will increase as long as we are always on the threshold of this danger.

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